BISE: Inter Online Admissions


BISE, an online platform serving millions of students across Punjab, enables students to register for Matriculation and Intermediate examinations. Our team at PITB automated the registration and result process back in 2012 and today the online database system has proved to be a great substitute to the conventional methods prone to human error. We cover the entire examination process; starting from the online registration of students, to the allotment of roll number slips and exam centers, to the announcing of results. BISE basically constitutes six back to back systems categorically mentioned as:

  • Matric Registration
  • Matric Annual Admissions
  • Matric Supplementary Admissions
  • Inter Registration
  • Inter Annual Admissions
  • Inter Supplementary Admissions

Work Flow

Our work flow can be broken down as:

  • Pre Conduct
  • Conduct
  • Post Conduct

Pre Conduct

The pre-conduct involves registrations and admissions. The first gateway of every student in order to appear as a regular candidate for the matriculation or intermediate exam begins through registration where the initial information is collected. This system collectively works on the SOP of the birth CRC- Child Registration Certificate commonly known as B-Form of the students. Once registered, our automated platform enables the students to apply online and get their admissions within a few clicks.



Once admissions are closed and all the required details are received, automated reports are generated to further cater pre-conduct exam activities. These reports help the Boards’ authorities to analyze and procure the precise facilities required for exam conduction. These reports also display the stats of the students registered for a specific exam along with their geographical information; which in turn help in exam center allocation.

Exam Centre Allotment

The BISE team at PITB devised a completely new scheme of logical implementation of exam center allotment.  Students can no longer select an exam center of their choice through any means, instead exam centers are allocated in accordance to the students’ nearest postal addresses.

Roll no. Slips

The Boards can now generate the roll slips both for private and regular candidates through our automated system. The watermark of the student’s photo in the background prevents any kind of mitigating or misuse of the slip. Moreover, recently an SMS service has been introduced where the boards are enabled to send roll number slips to candidates through SMS.

Mobile Impersonation

Previously, it was noticed at certain scenarios that the originally registered candidate would be replaced by another candidate and the imposter would appear in the exam instead.  But now this has been controlled by providing the exam officer with a smart phone with built in candidate credentials, thus allowing cross check at the center. The system also works in remote areas at offline mode where internet is not available.  The same feature is also provided to the BISE top officials to keep a further check on all other levels thus creating a multi-layer security line.

Post Conduct

The post conduct involves the checking and result compilation process. PITB has devised a system where the student’s identity is isolated from the examiners by replacing the student’s original roll number with a fictitious roll number.  After the papers are checked, the marks are directly entered to the online system which ultimately leads to result preparation. Result cards are now available online which is provided for the first time by Sargodha board in collaboration with PITB team.    
Moreover, PITB now hosts a new feature of “Feedback” for all 9 boards. But this is not just another feedback for the students to leave comments and share their views about BISE. Rather it helps them in case of any query or problem faced by them. Direct phone assistance is provided to the students by the BISE team at PITB, once their identity and problem is acknowledged. Recently BISE team received almost 1034 queries that were resolved through direct telephone assistance.

Focal Person: Suleman Sharif
Manager: Burhan Rasool