Capacity Building

IT Academy
Professionals and students need awareness in technology for most jobs in today’s world. The IT Academy not only offers programs and certification courses in multiple areas of the IT field at subsidized rates but also organizes various conferences and talks to promote skills and knowledge for a competitive advantage in the workplace.
Trainings & Workshops
Our academy is open to all, whether you are an established professional (public or private sector) or someone who is new to the field. The academy provides the participants not only expertise in their related fields but also keeps them up to date.
PITB is a home to conferences promoting awareness and insight into the latest trends and technologies of the industry. Our conferences not only focus on providing the participants an opportunity to learn but also help them to network with the newbies and the big giants of the IT world.
Punjab Youth Internship Program
Punjab Youth Internship Program, a massive project launched in 2012 by Punjab Information Technology Board under the parasol of Government of the Punjab, has been specifically designed to inculcate creative and professional skills (like communication/ interpersonal skills, computer proficiency and team work) within youth of the province; thus increasing the work force of Punjab by providing better employment opportunities.
Talks & Seminars
Being an IT spearhead we are fully aware of the impact real life experiences create on the audience; therefore, PITB arranges various CEO talk sessions and seminars time and again.
CEO Talks
It’s not everyday that you get to meet people who have succeeded in changing the face of the IT industry in an environment as challenging as that of Pakistan.
Salim Ghauri
CEO, NetSol Technologies
Yasser Bashir
CEO, Arbisoft