Flood Monitoring System

With the dawn of September, Punjab faced one of the most deadly monsoon floods in its history. Punjab Information Technology Board, therefore, rose to the occasion and helped the government by creating a real time flood monitoring dashboard. The system not only keeps a track of the latest flood development but also keeps the concerned departments informed and in close collaboration; which further assists in managing the disaster in the shortest possible time span.

The dashboard is designed in a way where PITB in alliance with various other government departments, updates the dashboard with an hourly based disaster bulletin. The bulletin reveals the most recent flood story by giving details about the flood effected areas, the injuries and the death toll. Moreover, it also highlights the development at the water works, i.e. either the water flow is normal or on an alert, along with situation of the roads. The Inundation Map, further, reveals the overall flood hit areas.

Furthermore, where the monitoring system has facilitated the government to keep a track record of the flood condition, it has also assisted the government in taking real time relief and evacuation measures; thus minimizing the possible chaos in such disastrous circumstances.