Flight and Room Allocation MIS

The system has been specifically designed for the officials of MoRA and KSA where they manage the booking and allocation operations for the Government Scheme Hujjaj. Prior to the system, the allocation and booking process was manual and very much time consuming and hectic; therefore, the Hujjaj faced a lot of inconvenience and hassle. After spending approximately 14 hours traveling, the Hujjaj had to face another delay of 4-5 hours in getting to their rooms. But now PITB has completely revolutionized and digitized the system by making the entire data readily available at a mere click. The tasks which took days and weeks are now achievable within hours and also resource independent. Both the residences and flights can be expediently allocated well in time to the Pakistani pilgrims, now they have their room allocation details printed on their Hajj cards, to facilitate them and save them a lot of inconvenience and exhaustion in KSA.