Hajj Group Organizer’s MIS

Punjab Information Technology Board, upon the request of MoRA, has completely modified the registration scenario. By introducing the new system, Hajj Group Organizer’s MIS, PITB has not only helped MoRA in managing the useful data and making it readily available online through the information management system but has also saved a lot of time and fatigue at the part of MoRA and the Hajj Group Organizers.

Previously, the registration process was extremely exhausting and time consuming and at times clients, Hajj Group Organizers, ended up waiting in long queues to just get the registration form. But the things didn’t end here, after getting themselves registered, next they had to register the Hujjaj and make manual summaries of their registrations. These summaries again took a long time in verifications. Further, it was extremely difficult to manage and save all the collected data for future references.

The Hajj Group Organizers’ Management Information System is a two step process where in the first step Hajj Group Organizers fill in a form available online and register themselves with MoRA as Hajj facilitators. Secondly, they fill in another form where they not only mention their Hajj packages but also the total Hujjaj they have registered against each package. With the help of the data provided, PITB’s system generates an automated summary that illustrates the detail of the Haji along with his/her package.