July 2014 - June 2015

June 30, 2015   Orientation Session With DHA on e-Stamping
An orientation session held at DHA, one of the largest housing society of Lahore regarding Web & SMS based verification of stamp papers. A team led by Sajid Latif, Director General e-Governance, conducted orientation and training sessions for various real estate stakeholders. The system will be launched from 1st July, 2015 on wards and will maintain a database of all the stamp papers issued in the province. Citizens can verify their property records online or through an SMS. Housing societies can verify the property documents especially the stamp papers on the online system. In future, Chairman PITB, Dr Umar Saif, also envisions to introduce plastic money (credit cards) based stamp duty payments instead of cash.
June 30, 2015   Automated Food Monitoring in Punjab
PITB is developing a smartphone app to help Punjab Food Authority monitor more effectively. The app would help PFA in documenting and disseminating information to all the stakeholders more conveniently.
In the meantime, register your complaints to Punjab Food Authority (PFA) by calling Zimmedar Sheri Helpline: 0800-02345
June 26, 2015   Head of DFID Richard Montgomery Visits PITB
Richard Montgomery, Head of DFID (Department of International Development) Punjab, visited PITB today to discuss the ongoing projects of citizen facilitation, health, and education. The DFID has collaborated with PITB at various avenues of public service delivery in health and education sectors, tax reforms, and citizen facilitation. We look forward to a long lasting collaboration between both the organizations.
June 26, 2015   Meeting to Launch SMS Based Stamp Paper Verification
e-Stamping, a flagship project of PITB, is aimed at automating the stamp issuance system in Punjab. The other stakeholders involved in this very project are Board of Revenue (BoR), Bank of Punjab (BoP), and an outdoor vendor, Techlogix. A meeting of all of these stakeholders was called upon today by PITB to plan the set of activities for the launch of SMS based stamp paper verification system for Lahore Treasury Office. The system will allow the citizens to verify stamp papers.
June 25, 2015   Hajj Monitoring and Management System by PITB
PITB’s Hajj Monitoring and Management System is a complete package for Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) and the pilgrims. Starting from the flow of applications through designated banks to managing private Hajj organizers, PITB has also developed MIS for flight scheduling, building booking, and room allocation. Above all, helplines have been established for both Pakistan and KSA which cater to the inquiries of pilgrims and resolve their petty issues.

Hajj Helpline (Pakistan): 042-111-725-425
Hajj Helpline (KSA): 8001166622 (Local toll free number)

June 25, 2015   PITB launches Equipment Control System in DHQs, THQs
PITB has launched Equipment Control System in DHQs and THQs across Punjab under Chief Minister's Health Reforms Roadmap Programme for Secondary Healthcare.
Training session was conducted on 24 June 2015 for Health Department staff to familiarize them with the new technology. Secretary Health graced the session with his presence and appreciated the efforts of PITB for launching Equipment Control System.
June 25, 2015   PITB Collaborates with PFA
Punjab Food Authority has reached the inevitable consensus to collaborate with PITB by having a helpline and Smartphone application developed to operate more effectively. The helpline, which is an extended application of the current Zimmedar Shehri Helpline by PITB, is open to public to lodge complaints against culinary and hospitality services, food quality and hygiene, and overpriced items.

Zimmedar Shehri Helpline: 0800-02345

June 24, 2015   Training Sessions for Health Officials
PITB has launched Medicine Inventory System in DHQs and THQs across Punjab under Health Reforms Roadmap Programme for secondary healthcare. Training sessions were conducted today for health department staff to familiarize them with the new technology.
June 23, 2015   Zimmedar Shehri Helpline for Ramazan
PITB in collaboration with City District Government, Lahore has enabled the previously active Zimmedar Shehri Helpline to be used for Ramazan Bazaar Complaints. The helpline is established to ensure quality food items within controlled prices. Citizens can also send pictures and videos of unfair business practices in Ramazan Bazaars at 0340-111-2345.
June 22, 2015   PITB Establishes Helpline for OPC
PITB has established a helpline and a website for Overseas Pakistanis Commisson (OPC) to redress the grievances of Pakistani expatriates.
June 21, 2015   Appreciation Awards to Hajj MIS Team
After the successful deployment of the latest management information system in Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) by PITB, Dr Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, extends tokens of appreciation to the team behind this project.
June 18, 2015   Punjab helps KPK to Introduce Best ICT Practices
Government of Punjab helps KPK government to introduce best ICT Practices in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. KP IT Board team led by Farah Hamid Khan Secretary Science & Technology and Information Technology received insight on successful functioning of e-government by Dr Umar Saif Chairman PITB.
June 17, 2015   Refresher Training on Apps Development for NMC
Team PITB conducted a refresher training session today on Apps Development for NMC Lahore 102nd group. In this hands-on practice session participants were familiarized with the advanced concepts of App development (Dataplug).
June 17, 2015   PITB Establishes Metrobus Helpline
Citizens can lodge a complaint against any inconvenience using Metrobus Helpline. The helpline has been established by PITB to facilitate passengers for quality services.

Helpline: 111 222 627

June 16, 2015   Training Officials from Counter Terrorism Department
CTD is a premier organization in the province to keep the record of known and unknown assailants. In this regard, PITB in coordination with CTD proposed a comprehensive plan to equip the department with “Handheld Biometric” and “Location Based Ankle Devices” for efficient monitoring and utilization of resources.
Location Based Tracking involves Satellite based tracking/tracing, alerting upon noncompliance and remote monitoring and reporting. These devices employ global positioning system with seamless communication medium and enable law enforcement agencies to promptly retain activity logs remotely at secure location for analysis. Similarly, biometric devices will effectively manage the large influx of people at public places.
June 16, 2015   Price Control Essential Commodities Systems Training
PITB conducts training session for the Price Control Essential Commodities Systems designed for Ramazan 2015.
June 13, 2015   Chairman PITB Distributes Team Recognition Awards
Dr Umar Saif , chairman PITB, gave appreciation awards to the IT Operations and Software Development teams of PITB for their tremendous efforts in introducing IT reforms in Punjab police.
June 12, 2015   PITB Launches Application to Control Water Theft
Keeping in view the irregularities and theft in irrigation water in Punjab, PITB developed a smartphone application to monitor and reduce water theft in the irrigation system. The application will be simultaneously rolled out in Pakpattan and Bahawalnagar districts. Today was the launch of the application and training program for the irrigation department officials. The training was attended by various irrigation department employees from these districts.
June 10, 2015   USAID Officials Visit PITB
The officials from USAID visited PITB office, Lahore for an orientation on Secondary Healthcare Initiatives developed by PITB under CM Health Roadmap Programme in the Punjab. The team appreciated the smart initiatives for a strong healthcare system in Punjab.
June 09, 2015  
PITB Automates all Police Stations of Lahore
PITB has automated all Police Stations of Lahore and it will be replicated for entire Punjab from the next financial year. This system is an integrated system of Complaint, FIR, Criminal Record Office, intelligence system and many more. IG Police reviewed and appreciated PITB's work. The innovative initiatives taken by Dr Umar Saif and team are on their way to facilitate citizens.
June 08, 2015   PITB Conducts Training for HGOs
Team PITB, in collaboration with Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (MoRA), conducted a training session for Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) in Karachi regarding the Online Hajj Application Form.
June 07, 2015   Smart Investment on Video Conferencing
In last two years, 200 million rupees have been invested on PITB's video conferencing facility which has resulted in more than 1620 millions rupees in saved costs. The costs have been saved from reduced travelling of government officials from across the Punjab and the money spent on their security arrangements. Moreover, it has resulted in saved time which is an important asset of any government.
June 05, 2015   Province-Wide Connectivity
Starting from the CM office, the facility has now been rolled out to Home Secretariat and commissioners & DCOs offices across Punjab while providing remote access from any point in the province. The system also has the capacity to arrange international calls. Soon, the facility will be provided to police department for quick communication in times of emergency.
June 05, 2015   Anti-Dengue Mobile Application Training
Team PITB conducted a refresher training session today in TMA office of Iqbal Town. The session also focussed on troubleshooting any issues pertaining to usability of smart phones. Such sessions are key to ensure usage of IT interventions on sustainable basis.
June 04, 2015   PITB Trains MEAs to Report Data Using Tablet-Based App
The session was chaired by Project Director, PSPU and tablets were handed over to the newly employed MEAs. The application is meant to act as eyes and ears of government to keep a close check on facilities at disposal and services as rendered at DHQ and THQ hospitals.
June 01, 2015   17th SMC Training Workshop by PITB
PITB organized the 17th Senior management Course (SMC) training workshop for NIM Karachi. DG IT Rizwan Rashid and JD (EGS) Fasieh Mehta conducted a training workshop for a group of officers from NIM Karachi at ITU here today.
In a one on one active session, the participants were familiarized with the process of CFMP and how it paves way for Data Driven Decision Making. The batch took active interest in the potential and impact of the project.
May 30, 2015   Refresher Training on DIME Mobile Application
Team PITB is providing refresher training and troubleshooting services on DIME mobile application. Drug Inspectors were briefed about usability of DIME mobile application through step by step guide and user manuals. Additional Secretary, Health Dr. Sohail Saklain encouraged the efforts of PITB and advised drug inspection team to work in collaboration with PITB.
May 28, 2015   Making Web Hosting Secure
Since its inception, Punjab Information Technology Board is devoted to facilitate different Government Departments with a secure web hosting infrastructure. It is improving their online presence through a proven content management system used worldwide for deploying secure, reliable and approval based workflow. Credited with hosting and developing websites of following top agencies of Punjab including Traffic Police, Punjab Police, etc.
May 25, 2015   Pilot Launch and Training Event of Irrigation Watch Application
Smart monitoring of irrigation water systems is a landmark initiative by PITB and Punjab Irrigation Department. Real time data collection with geo-tagged pictorial evidences will reduce water theft in Punjab. The application was developed by the PITB team working very closely with the Irrigation department and will be used by Baildaars all the way to the top by Chief Engineers to monitor water theft and maintenance works.
The training was attended by Guage readers, Mates, XEN, SDOs from the irrigation department, Lahore division.
May 24, 2015   Dr Umar Saif Gives Training to Officers of Civil Services Academy
An exclusive training course is being held at ITU for 48 officers of The Civil Services Academy (PAS Campus). The training which is a part of 38th Specialized Training Programme of Pakistan Administration Service includes a special course on “ IT Skills Enhancement Course.” The training of this course specially being given by Dr Umar Saif includes a presentation on component of e-governance and IT tools developed by PITB for the Government of Punjab. A short exercise for developing applications with regard to District Administration’s work is also being prepared from the probationary officers.
May 22, 2015   TiE Islamabad Offers Support to PITB for Venture Capital Fund
TiE – The Indus Entrepreneurs Islamabad visited PITB to discuss the possibilities of supporting Venture Capital Funds that PITB is aiming to set up under the entrepreneurship wing. The meeting presided by PITB Chairman Dr Umar Saif was also attended by PITB Joint Director Entrepreneurship Nabeel A. Qadeer and executive team of TiE Islamabad. TiE Islamabad team visited PITB’s Plan9 - PITB's Tech Incubator and PlanX complimenting it as the best entrepreneurship hub in Pakistan.
May 21, 2015   E-Stamping Team Holds Meeting at PITB
A meeting was held at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) regarding the e-verifications of stamp papers, online and through SMS. The meeting presided by Sajid Latif Director General (e-Governance) was held with Chief Inspector Stamp Board of Revenue, Member Taxes, AFS and Treasury Officer Lahore.
May 21, 2015   Monitoring Solutions for Spurious Medicines
Team PITB explores various possibilities to devise monitoring mechanism for spurious drugs. Initiatives comprising a) Setting up helpline b) Implementation of smart phone based solution for drug inspectors and c) Deployment of SMS based information system for consumers came under discussion. Additional Secretary, Health Dr. Sohail Saklain praised the efforts and agreed to continue the brainstorming solution to lay foundations for sustainable intervention.
May 21, 2015   Vaccination Monitoring in Punjab
Vaccinators in Punjab are now equipped with e-Vaccs application enabled smartphones to digitize their vaccination activities. While this helps in monitoring the performance of field staff, the vaccination coverage has also improved significantly.
May 19, 2015   E-Policing in Punjab
Additional IG Punjab meets Dr. Umar Saif regarding e-Policing in Punjab.
May 19, 2015   PITB Develops Law Portal for Balochistan, KPK
On the instructions of honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, PITB has rendered its Law Portal development services to the Law and Parliamentary departments of two provincial governments: Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The team led by Ms. Saima Shaikh Joint Director (e-Government and Industry) has also trained the concerned authorities in deploying standard content management practices along with uploading the content and maintaining the Portal. PITB had already developed Law Portal for Punjab government to facilitate lawyers, judges, public servants, students, researchers, and general citizens.
Secretary Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Balochistan, Mr. Safdar Hussain, visited PITB today to finalize the deal with Dr. Umar Saif , Chairman PITB, to host Balochistan Law Portal at PITB's Data Center.
May 18, 2015   Syllabus Revisions at eLearn.Punjab
Since the syllabus of class 8 has been revised, eLearn.Punjab team is working on its updated version.
May 13, 2015   PITB Announces Hajj Balloting 2015
PITB is proud to announce that non-influential and transparent Hajj balloting 2015 has been demonstrated today in Islamabad.
May 13, 2015   ITU Hosts ICT Conference in Collaboration with PITB
Information Technology University is hosting an ICT Conference in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board, at Arfa Software Technology Park, to showcase the current technological interventions for improving governance and service delivery for the citizens of Punjab
May 13, 2015   E-Monitoring of Polio Campaigns
A team consisted of Dr. Munir Ahmed, Director EPI, Health Department Punjab, Dr. Sue Gerber, Senior Program Officer, BMGF, (National EOC Islamabad), Mr. Saqib Razaq, MIS Officer, National EOC Islamabad, and Mr. Muhammad Tanvir, Director, Survey of Pakistan, Islamabad visited PITB office, Lahore today to attend an orientation on the health sector mobile applications developed by PITB and its proposal on E-monitoring of Polio Campaigns in Punjab. Based on the smart monitoring technologies developed by PITB, polio campaigns now will also be monitored digitally to eradicate polio completely from Punjab.
May 13, 2015   PITB Team Wins at Karachi d|Bootcamp
Ahmed Nawaz, Software Engineer from Punjab Information Technology Board led the team of six that scored winning position at Karachi d|Bootcamp held at the Center of Excellence in Journalism, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (May 03 – May 09). The idea behind the team’s winning project was based upon PITB’s Price Monitoring System.
Director Software Engineering Mr.Burhan Rasool represented PITB in the panel discussion on challenges and possibilities of working with data in Pakistan that took place on the final day of the d|Bootcamp.
May 13, 2015   Healthwatch Application Training
Health officials (EDOH, DDOH, DOH) from Lahore Division participated in the HealthWatch Application Training session. Healthwatch is the most important program under the Punjab Public Management Reform Program of PITB. It focuses on the health facilities by collecting data digitally right from the facilities and bringing in complete transparency in data collection. The purpose of the program is to enhance and ensure the superior quality of service delivery to the patients visiting those health facilities all over Punjab.
May 11, 2015   Inaugural Ceremony of Tayyip Erdogan Hospital via IT
Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) enabled live speech of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan from Turkey in Muzaffargarh, South Punjab and the address of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif at Muzaffargarh in Turkey. Chairman PITB Dr. Umar Saif said that the video linking system is being successfully used by the Chief Minister and local district administration within Punjab but has now proved its vivacity across the borders. Abridged travel had long been the top reason to deploy video, but the soft benefits of video conferencing could reap greater rewards.
May 11, 2015   UNDP Country Director Visits PITB
Marc-André Franche, Country Director UNDP Pakistan visited PITB, where Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB delivered detailed presentations on various smart monitoring, automation, and citizen facilitation projects related to health, education, environmental sustainability, and global partnerships, complementing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of United Nations. Both the parties agreed to the crucial role of information technology in meeting human development agendas.
May 09, 2015   CM Inaugurates Telepresence Video Conferencing Facility
Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated telepresence video conferencing facility established by PITB with a marathon session with all districts of Punjab.
May 08, 2015   World Thalassemia Day: PITB Participates in Seminar by PTPP
PITB participated in World Thalassemia Day at the seminar held by Punjab Thalassemia Prevention Program (PTPP) at Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC). Director General IT, Rizwan Rashid gave an introductory talk on various initiatives PITB has launched for PTPP. These initiatives include a) Toll Free Helpline b) Thalassemia Tracking System (Smart phone based system) c) Social Media Presence and d) Web Presence. Director General IT was presented with a memento in recognition of his efforts to introduce and successfully implement IT interventions for the program.
May 08, 2015   Punjab Laws Translated to Urdu for Convenience
After easing access to Punjab Laws online through Law Portal, the laws are now being translated from English to Urdu for the convenience of majority of the population. Through the portal, citizens can easily monitor and view the laws implemented pertaining to all government departments of Punjab.
May 07, 2015   Online Hajj Registration: Test Run of Open Ballot
Test run of open ballot, successfully demonstrated on 7th May 2015. The extremely transparent and non-influential mechanism devised for Online Hajj Registration was highly appreciated by the Minister and Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs.
May 07, 2015   Revamping of PITB's Data Center
PITB owns the state of the art Tier III Standard Data Center which provides data storage, cloud computing, and the web hosting facilities to all the government departments of Punjab, including some corporations and SMEs. The data center is being revamped in collaboration with the Board of Revenue. A video conference meeting held today among Dr. Umar Saif , Chairman PITB, Mr. Sajid Latif , Chairman PnD (Planning and Development), Board of Revenue representatives, and Mr. Sajjad Ghani , The technical lead of PITB, to discuss and finalize the design of the data center.
May 06, 2015   PITB Signs MOU with IRC for Humanitarian Projects
Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) signed an MOU with International Rescue Committee (IRC) today to work on a number of humanitarian projects initiated by PITB. During his visit, David Miliband, former Secretary of State UK and President and CEO of IRC showed great interest in the initiatives taken by PITB and progress on multiple e-governance aspects. This MOU signed by Chairman PITB Dr Umar Saif and Regional Director Sanna Johnson allows both parties to work as partners to devise solutions for greater impact of development and humanitarian work in Pakistan.
May 06, 2015   Dengue Initiatives: PITB Updates Commissioner Lahore
PITB presented weekly updates pertaining to dengue initiatives to Commissioner Lahore Division. DCOs of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur and Nankana attended the session. District Governments were instructed to focus on advertisement campaign of Punjab Health line and ensure tagging of positive larvae sites and residential/ workplace address of dengue patients.
May 04, 2015   Online Access to Punjab Laws
The Law Portal, an initiative of PITB and the Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, enables the citizens to easily search an online repository of Punjab Laws for the purpose of monitoring and viewing the laws that have been implemented pertaining to all Government departments of Punjab.
Apr 30, 2015   CEO Zong Meets Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB
CEO Zong met Chairman PITB, Umar Saif, yesterday. Both look forward to national and international investment cooperation to sustain high impact, citizen facilitation projects.
Apr 30, 2015   PITB Establishes Helpline to Prevent Thalassemia
PITB has taken an initiative to establish a helpline, 0800-99-00, in a bid to create awareness and prevent Thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder, which may prove to be fatal.
Apr 30, 2015   Reviving Thana Culture of Punjab
DIG Investigation Lahore, Muhammad Ayyaz Saleem and SP CRO (Criminal Record Office), Umar Riaz Cheema held a meeting with Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB and the team to discuss the automations in criminology department of Punjab. The ICT based interventions would be based on auto updation of FIRs to citizens, citizen engagement through Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program of PITB & social media presence of police, Location Specific Security Alerts to citizens, and Video Conferencing facilities installations in Thanas. The reforms by PITB hold a high regard in facilitating citizens' security.
Apr 29, 2015   100,000 Plus Hajj Applications Received Till Date
After the 'Government Scheme Hajj Applications Online Registration System' went live on April 27, a total of 103,509 Hajj applications have been submitted through the system within a span two days.
Apr 27, 2015   Hajj Applications Online Registration System Goes LIVE
After the successful implementation, 'Government Scheme Hajj Applications Online Registration System' has been made "LIVE" on 27th April, 2015. Throughout Pakistan, all the branches of the designated banks started receipt and entry of Hajj applications and a total of 53,575 applications were submitted yesterday.
Apr 27, 2015   eGDMS Training of S&GAD Staff
E-Government Document Management System (eGDMS) is a software system/ application for organizing and storing different kinds of documents that helps users to organize and store paper or digital documents. Training was conducted by Facilitation Center staff for Services & General Administration Department staff.
Apr 27, 2015   Excise and Taxation Helpline: 98% Caller Satisfaction
The Excise and Taxation Helpline 0800-08786, made operational in November 2014, has received more than 100, 000 calls with a 98% caller satisfaction rate.
Apr 25, 2015   Banks Add More Than 70,000 Hajj Application Records in Test-Run
After installation of the “Government Scheme Hajj Applicants Online Registration System,” all the designated banks across the country have added more than 70,000 records during multiple test-runs.
For this initiative, a system user was devised and installed at all banks, and training sessions were thenceforth carried out in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to enable master trainers at banks to further train their regional bankers to facilitate Hajj applicants.
Apr 24, 2015   Punjab Public Management Reforms Program (PPMRP)
PITB in collaboration with World Bank has started the Punjab Public Management Reforms Program (PPMRP) to strengthen the resource management system of Punjab by undertaking several IT initiatives to improve the efficiency of service delivery, transparency, resource management and smart monitoring. The program is aimed at IT Centric Interventions in seven key departments of Government of Punjab.
Apr 23, 2015   PITB's Information Systems Assisting Law Enforcement Departments of Punjab
Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB briefed CM Mian Shehbaz Sharif about IT based law and order measures and Thana Culture Reforms.
Apr 22, 2015   Training Health Officials over MEA Health Program
Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (MEA Health) is a much highlighted program of the Government of Punjab and is considered as a pivotal initiative in bringing transparency and improving service delivery to the people. This training is designed to train the health officials (EDOs, DOH, DDOH and DMOs) better understand the workings of the application dashboard and allow them to make timely decisions to improve the overall health infrastructure in the province.
Apr 22, 2015   CFMP Monitors Bardana Distribution and Wheat Procurement Process
Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP) for transparency monitored the Bardana distribution and wheat procurement processes. Thousands of farmers were reached out in order to ensure proper service delivery.
Apr 21, 2015   Delegation of Postal Officers from Various Countries Visit ASTP
A delegation of ECO Postal Staff College, Islamabad, consisting of 15 postal officers from different countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, India,Lao, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives etc), paid a visit to ASTP. They were given a brief introduction to ASTP operations and PITB initiatives overall; that included a visit to Plan9 - PITB's Tech Incubator , PITB’s Data Center, Metro Bus Operations and Information Technology University . They really appreciated the IT initiatives by PITB and Government of Punjab.
Apr 20, 2015   SMC Training by PITB
A two-day training was commenced in Islamabad by PITB where the Senior Management Course participants, through App Development Course (Dataplug), exercises and case study, focused on real life application of the knowledge besides drawing on the concept and importance of evidence based decision making.
Apr 20, 2015   Centralization of Motor Vehicle Registration System
DG Excise and Taxation Punjab, Mr. Ahmad Aziz Tarar, Additional DG, Mr. Masood-ul-Haq, Senior SMU (Special Monitoring Unit) Member Salman Sufi, and representative from Ufone held a meeting with DG Operations Mr. Faisal Yousaf and the team to discuss the centralization of Motor Vehicle Registration System and SMU reforms in Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab.
Apr 17, 2015   CFMP Reaching Millions
CFMP reaching millionsStarting from 2012, the Citizens Feedback Monitoring Project (CFMP) has reached out to millions of citizens for their feedback about service delivery resulting in thousands of corrective actions against corrupt and incompetent officials.
Apr 17, 2015   System User Devised for Online Hajj Registration
After the successful training sessions regarding the Government Hajj Scheme Applicants’ Online Hajj Registration System held in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi on 8th, 9th and 10th April respectively, one Maker and one Checker per branch users have been devised and installed by PITB at each designated bank across country. More than 14,000 users have been registered through the system till date.
The system will be up for a try run today with the dummy data. Once thoroughly verified, the system shall take its course formally.
Apr 16, 2015   PITB Tasked to Devise Predictive Model for Dengue
Provincial Dengue Expert Advisory Group (DEAG) has tasked PITB to take into account environmental variables at granular level to predict widespread specific to union council. These variables will be made part of predictive model on top of existing parameters including occurrence of larvae, residential/work address of patients, humidity, rainfall and temperature.
Apr 14, 2015   Supporting Education Reforms Through Innovative Technologies
Once the manual monitoring of schools is replaced with the digital one, there are significant improvements in teachers' attendance, students' attendance, and admin visits to the schools.
Apr 08, 2015   Mobilizing Banks for Online Hajj Applications
Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has trained the designated banks to activate the online Hajj services across the nation. The trainings were held in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to enable master trainers at banks to further train their regional bankers to facilitate Hajj applicants
Apr 08, 2015   Punjab Healthiness Campaign: PITB Conducts Refresher Training Session
Team PITB conducted a refresher training session of call center agents assigned to the campaign "Punjab Healthiness". Additional Director General, Dr. Zafar Islam from Health Department advised participants on precautionary protocols to guide callers accordingly.
Apr 03, 2015   Imparting ICT Skills to Vaccinators
As part of the Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) to provide better health facilities to the citizens, PITB conducted the e-Vaccs application training for the vaccinators at Town Hall.
Apr 03, 2015   The Economist Team Visits PITB
Ms. Claire Vuylsteke from The Economist is conducting a study on Pakistan highlighting the businesses, technology, and culture of the country. She held a session with Dr. Umar Saif and the team to inquire about the technological advancements in the governance sector of Punjab and was truly amazed to hear about the exciting initiatives by the board.
Apr 01, 2015   Punjab Land Record Automation Project
Initiated in 2008, Punjab Land Record Automation project has successfully installed 143 Citizen Service Centers across Punjab and digitized record of 32 million land owners in addition to issuing 78,405 fards and carrying out 26,030 mutations in the previous month.
Mar 31, 2015   Training Session for Medical Superintendents on Hospital Watch Application
Designated PITB team conducted a training session at PITB for the hospital watch android application, which has been developed for all emergencies, pediatrics and obstetrics/ gynecology wards. It is ready for implementation across DHQs, THQs and Teaching Hospitals in Punjab. The training session was for MSs of DHQs and THQs from all over Punjab where 150 people participated.
Mar 31, 2015   Refresher Training Session on WASA Mobile App
PITB’s project team conducted refresher training session on WASA Mobile Application for client department WASA and briefed its usability for features i.e. complaints launch, monitoring and complaints resolution with pictorial evidences in addition to communicating the efficacy of WASA Complaint Management System (CMS) and WASA Tracking portal and its impact and visibility on WASA performance for better service delivery to citizens in upcoming monsoon season.
Mar 30, 2015   Facilitating the Students of Lahore
Government of Punjab, Transport Department in collaboration with PITB has introduced a student card scheme in Lahore. It is to ensure provision of comfortable, quality and economical travelling facilities to the students.
Mar 27, 2015   PlanX signs a MoU with Turkey's Largest Accelerator
The meetup served as a platform for a closed discussion with our esteemed guests on launching the first ever Government Backed Venture Capital Fund of Pakistan, which is yet another initiative that we are undertaking to promote entrepreneurship through funding on favorable terms.
Mar 27, 2015   Accelerating Startups with Venture Capital Investments
Since past few years, entrepreneurship development forums have done a great job in mobilizing the youth to start their own ventures. They have been successful in establishing strong networks of young entrepreneurs & mentors, and have created a competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a result, we can now find hundreds of startups in every big city of Pakistan.
Mar 27, 2015   Digitally Active Government
In a bid to digitize all the departments of Punjab government, PITB has installed IT infrastructure (hardware and software) in more than 100 departments across province. Not only is the facility being managed at PITB but the users are also being trained for basic and advanced IT skills.
Mar 20, 2015   PITB’s Dengue Activity Tracking System
PITB's Dengue Activity Tracking System has been extensively used by the health staff. 1,862,758 surveillance activities have been recorded by the system till date.
Mar 20, 2015   Seeking Synergies to Eradicate Polio from Punjab
PITB briefed the representatives from Polio Eradication Initiative Pakistan and UNICEF Pakistan about the current progress in Polio Control Information System and the future plans to reach out to every nook and corner of the province.
Mar 20, 2015   IPL Module Training for DGPR
PITB gave an extensive training to the participants from DGPR for the IPL module, designed for DGPR, which automated the IPL process thereby facilitating the irksome bill tracking pertaining to advertisements in the newspapers including hiring and tendering.
Mar 20, 2015  
Hajj registration being made easy!
Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony collaborating with PITB to facilitate the registration process for Hajj 2015, employing an extremely convenient online platform.

Online connectivity with each of the designated banks through a highly secured network (MPLS connectivity) is in progress, which shall enable simultaneous online submission of the applicant’s data as soon as the payments are received at any of the designated banks.

Mar 19, 2015   Breaking the Barriers, Making a Difference
PITB’s flagship initiative, Citizen Facilitation Center/Asani Markaz, directly aims at facilitating citizens rendering technology to liaison trust between citizens and the state.
Mar 19, 2015   Promoting IT in the Province
PITB has initiated cloud based services for both public and private sector as an initiative to strengthen the SMEs so that they could manage their own IT infrastructure over cloud with a very low cost.
Mar 18, 2015   Developed MIS for DGPR
PITB developed a Management Information System (MIS) for Director General Public Relations (DGPR) introducing a Double Entry Accounting system.
Mar 18, 2015   Introducing Mobile Solutions in Punjab
PITB has been authorized by the State Bank of Punjab to initiate mobile payment processing at the governmental level in Punjab.
Mar 17, 2015   DFID collaborates with PITB
DFID has been a partner with PITB in various projects including the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Schools, eLearn Punjab and health monitoring.
Mar 17, 2015   Workshop on SATSCAN Alerts System by PITB
Team PITB conducted workshop on Dengue related alert system based on Statistical Analysis - SatScan held on 13th March 2015 at Institute of Public Health (IPH).
Mar 17, 2015   Eradicating polio with Technology
After overcoming the epidemic of Dengue with information systems, PITB has developed an ultra sophisticated Polio Control Information System that monitors the database of citizens, polio workers and polio campaigns.
Mar 17, 2015   Automation of Wheat Procurement Activity
PITB is seeking to develop an integrated information management system for wheat procurement and employing efficient ways of monitoring it.
Mar 13, 2015   Strengthening inter-provincial coordination and cooperation
Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program Punjab (CFMP) was presented to Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) participants from KPK aiming improve public service delivery through citizen feedback.
Mar 13, 2015   Dengue initiatives presented to TAC at Health Department
Team PITB represented meeting of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on Dengue Initiatives at Health Department on March 12. The Chair instructed all the stakeholders to attend the workshop on statistical model of PITB, SatScan on March 13.
Mar 12, 2015   Enabling Parents to Monitor School Security
As the Punjab government asked schools to increase their security measures, PITB offered Zimmedar Shehri platform to the parents and all other citizens to register any violations of the rule.
Mar 12, 2015   Licensing made Easy through DLIMS
Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS), introduced all over Punjab, automates the processes for driving license issuance, renewal and upgrades. It’s quick and transparent!
Mar 12, 2015   Citizens to Monitor Petrol Prices
Citizens have been empowered to lodge complaints against the petrol pump owners for any price discrepancies through Zimmedar Shehri helpline.
Mar 11, 2015   17th SMC Training by PITB
Through the App Development Course (Dataplug), exercises and case study, Senior Management Course participants not only draw on the concept and importance of evidence based decision making but also focus on real life application of the knowledge.
Mar 11, 2015   ITU commends PITB’s ODI to Promote Transparency
ODI empowers government agencies, community based organizations and the civil society by giving them free access to important information related to governance.
Mar 10, 2015   PITB’s PPMRP Booth receives Appreciable Reception
More than 4000 individuals visited the Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) booth set up to raise awareness about smart monitoring and Citizen Contact Center.
Mar 10, 2015   PlanX Demo Day
PlanX, a project of PITB, will be hosting its first Demo Day on March 26 for selected startups aiming to celebrate the local entrepreneurial spirit of Pakistan.
Mar 10, 2015   E-Vaccs System Training
PITB trained EDOs, DOHs and DDOHs from different districts of Punjab on the e-Vaccs application’s dashboard with an objective to strengthen district level monitoring of vaccinators’ performance.
Mar 9, 2015   Empowering Government Officers with Data Driven Decision Making Tools
The bureaucrats of various departments such as foreign office, defense, law enforcement, health, education etc. from grade 18 to 20 are being trained at this platform. ITU and PITB trainings are designed specifically to promote the vision of PITB for capacity building.
Feb 27, 2015   eLearn.Punjab Hits the Headlines Yet Again
The Chief Minister Punjab appreciates our eLearning reforms
Feb 24, 2015   PITB Collaborates with Funding Lab to Facilitate Entrepreneurship
Dr. Umar Saif signs a MoU with Senior Head of Operations, Ken Imrie
Feb 20, 2015   19th MCMC Training Workshop held at PITB
The workshop was organized in collaboration with National School of Public Policy
Feb 20, 2015   Mr. Zachary V. Harkenrider Visits PITB
U.S. Consul General Appreciates Our e-Governance Reforms
Feb 18, 2015   Learning On the Go!
Around 250 government schools utilizing our e-Learning initiative
Feb 10, 2015   PITB Conducts the 102nd NMC Training Workshop
Participants were familiarized with the concept of Evidence Based Policy Designing
Jan 28, 2015   PSPU and Daanish Schools' Websites Revamped
PSPU and Daanish Schools' websites are now more user friendly
Jan 14, 2015   Magision- Betting on the Future of Holographic Technology
Plan9's Magision gets featured on Techshaw
Jan 13, 2015   Incorporating Technology in Efficient Decision Making
PITB conducts the 19th MCMC trainings at Peshawar and Karachi
Jan 8, 2015   Plan9 Reaches Out to Masses
The Incubator signs a MOU with Startup Magazine
Jan 2, 2015   Lessons Learnt at Y Combinator with Muneeb Ali
Co-founder and CTO of Onename inspires our entrepreneurs with his knowledge and experience
Dec 30, 2014   Jacob Berlow Visits Plan9
The Expert at Square mentors the new batch of entrepreneurs
Nov 19, 2014   Our Experts Committed to Control Dengue
9441 dengue activities recorded yesterday through the Dengue Activity Tracking System
Nov 17, 2014   Controlling Dengue is PITB's Priority
48,367 activities recorded through our system over the weekend
Nov 6, 2014   Technology Adaptability is What PITB Believes In
Our team of experts takes Disease Surveillance to a whole new level
Oct 29, 2014   Keeping A High Track in the High Season
20,632 activities recorded yesterday via our tracking system
Oct 23, 2014   Seminar on Online College Admissions System (OCAS)
Orientation on OCAS was provisioned to heads and focal persons of 100 colleges across Punjab
Oct 1, 2014   Senior Management Course Workshop' 14
A batch of 90 senior officers were introduced with the concept of Evidence Based Policy Designing
Sep 16, 2014  
Flood Monitoring System Developed in 24 hours
Software Engineering Team develops the system in shortest possible time.
Sep 06, 2014  
Applied Entrepreneurship Seminar 2014
TIE Lahore and TIE4Youth partnered with PITB to organize a seminar on Applied Entrepreneurship.
Aug 29, 2014   Intermediate Admissions 2014
More than 120,000 applications processed till date in over 200 public colleges across Punjab. Click here for Reports & Analysis.
Aug 15, 2014   Yet another glorious feather in PITB's cap
Our worthy Chairman shines bright through his magnificent achievements; awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz.
Aug 13, 2014   Independence Day Celebrations
Punjab Information Technology Board celebrated Independence Day with great zeal and fervor.
Aug 13, 2014   India to adopt our e-Governance model
NDTV registers Punjab's innovative e-Governance solutions.
Aug 5, 2014   Intermediate Admissions 2014
OCAS enables you to register online with more than 220 colleges.
July 25, 2014   PITB Helping in Better Utilization of Health Budget
Disease Surveillance System identifies the intensity of diseases and ranks them accordingly
Jul 17, 2014   Our mobile governance acknowledged abroad
PITB's immense efforts towards better and transparent mobile governance has been acknowledged at the World Bank's Daylight Dialogue.