International Delegation from Google (Education & Cloud) and Tech Valley Pakistan visited PITB

June 10, 2022

An international delegation from Google for Education and Cloud along with Tech Valley Pakistan team visited PITB. DG e-Governance Sajid Latif and DG IT-Solutions Waqar Naeem Qureshi presided the meeting. Other senior officials including ADG IT Infrastructure Sajjad Ghani, Director IT – Operations Khurram Mushtaq, Director IT Kashif Farooq and Project Director Sajjad Qureshi were also present.

DG e-Governance Sajid Latif gave an overall brief to the delegation on ICT interventions rolled out by PITB across Punjab and other provinces. DG IT-Solutions Waqar Naeem Qureshi gave a detailed briefing on IT initiatives in the field of education while ADG IT Infrastructure Sajjad Ghani had a comprehensive discussion on Cloud Services.

Additionally, the IT Operations team briefed them on initiatives related to Agriculture. The delegation also discussed different areas for collaboration in Agriculture, technology and infrastructure developments.