Automation of Lahore High Court

The PITB has worked very closely with Lahore High Court to leverage IT such that the judicial processes are made more efficient, transparent and effective. A state of the art enterprise solution has been rolled out to achieve this objective. Some of the features and associated systems are:

  • Electronic Case Filing & Institution
  • Lawyer’s e-Filing Portal
  • Online Party Verifications
  • Case file Digitization & Document Management
  • Rules based Case Scheduling
  • Online Hearings & Case Proceedings
  • Copy & Dispatch of Physical Documents
  • Hon’ble Judges Workbench
  • Court Performance Analytics & Dashboards
  • Helpline (1134) SMS alerts and mobile app

The project has been successfully rolled out in 35 courts in Lahore (out of the total of 60 courts in Punjab). For litigants, it has improved efficiency in day-to-day judicial processes. It ensures speedy justice for litigants and has removed prolonged waiting periods for case hearings. Each case now has a planned date for the next hearing. The system automatically generates dates for hearings and judges to be assigned to the case after comparing specialties, bench load and the court calendar. The system also has several benefits for lawyers. It saves time and has reduced the number of visits to the courts. The lawyer’s portal enables them to prepare and file cases online from their homes and offices. Lawyers also receive email and SMS notifications from the Enterprise Solution. The application has also been beneficial for judges, in that it offers them a personalised portal, calendar and performance dashboard known as the Judges Workbench. It offers data on court performance and has improved executive control through checks and approvals. The application is accessible on mobile devices and offers secure and centralised data to the user.