Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP)


CFMP is a proactive governance initiative of Government of the Punjab. This project was taken up by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat to curb petty corruption, improve service delivery, and facilitate citizen engagement by proactively seeking feedback of their experiences while receiving day-to-day government services. This way there is trust and confidence built between the government and the public and a deterrence effect is created amongst the field officers which ensures a better performance of the government machinery.


This process starts from the moment a citizen goes to a government office to avail a service (e.g. driving license, character certificate, property registration, etc.); Mobile numbers of citizens who avail these services are recorded and then Robo calls recorded in the voice of the Chief Minister are broadcasted to these mobile numbers. These robo calls are followed by SMS to solicit feedback from citizens. Call centre agents then contact random citizens to gather more information. As of November' 2014 over 7.3 million transactions were entered and 6.0 million citizens were contacted through CFMP and the collected feedback in turn is used at the highest level to monitor service delivery.

Further, the data gathered in the process is used for analysis and report making on data entry, negative feedback, data integrity and the actions taken in response. Subsequently, monthly reports are sent to all 36 districts of the Punjab and a separate monthly report is made for the Secretary I&C. These reports not only help in identifying problems in the service delivery, but also help us identify when and where data entry operators are slacking or data is being fudged, hence keeping a proper check and balance mechanism.


Scope of Work

  • Record transaction details at the Government office
  • Send Robo Call to citizen inquiring about service delivery
  • Follow up with an SMS urging citizen to provide feedback
  • Recording citizen feedback obtained through SMS
  • Calls made by agent to verify identity, feedback and complaints
  • Provide data summary reports to DCOs and Commissioners
  • Calls made by DCOs to inquire about corruption
  • Punitive actions taken by DCOs/Commissioners for patterns of corruption identified


Government of the Punjab, in partnership with the World Bank Country Office, submitted this innovative idea in the prestigious Innovation Fund Challenge of the World Bank Group conducted between their country offices. This proposal was one of the 13 innovative proposals, among 170 received from all the country offices and networks, which got selected for funding. The World Bank wrote that it looks forward to “partnering with Government of the Punjab - and learning from its experience - to develop, scale and institutionalize this proactive outreach to the citizens for improved governance.”


CFMP intends to ensure quality service delivery to citizens of Punjab by identifying gaps in the service standards. Existing services being monitored under CFM are:

  • Dialysis from Health Department
  • RHC Indoors  from Health Department
  • Emergency Cases from Health Department
  • Property Registration, Intiqal and Fard Cases from Revenue Department
  • Domicile from Revenue Department
  • Character certificate from Police Department
  • Driving License Cases from Police Department
  • Rescue 15 from Police Department
  • Rescue 1122
  • Building plan approval, transfer and completion certificates from LDA
  • Bardana distribution and wheat procurement from Food Dept.
  • NWA IDPs from PDMA


  • 2008: Started in Jhang
  • 2010: Live in 6 districts
  • 2011: World Bank Innovation Fund award, live in 15 districts
  • 2012-2013: Live in 36 districts, 17 Services
  • 2014: All citizen services across Punjab

Current Utilization

  • Till November 30, 2014 over 690,562 voice calls and 6,092,665 robot calls were made to the citizens and responses were logged

Project Highlights

Thousands of citizens interact with numerous public offices for service delivery on a daily basis. Uptil November 30, 2014:

  • 7,310,362 transactions have been contacted
  • 6,092,665 citizens have been contacted
  • 830,259 citizens responded
  • 127,921 citizens have reported corruption/complaints
  • 5,584 actions have been taken on the responses of the citizens

Current Standing

  • DCO’s are proactively involved in the project and taking punitive actions to improve service delivery
  • Recently, CFMP was awarded with top honors in international competition for public service delivery improvement
  • Monthly feedback reports  are sent to DCO’s via email and automated SMS’s
  • I&C regularly follow-up’s with DCO’S about the progress in their respective districts
  • All the services have now started sending data on regular basis

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Focal Person: Hasnain Iqbal
Manager: Fasieh Mehta