Crime Mapping

The Need

With the ever increasing ratio of street crimes, Government of the Punjab felt the dire need of an automated and independent system that could identify and locate the hot crime areas; as it was well realized that by identifying and locating crime pockets, the Punjab police could work ahead of the criminals. Therefore, after the Government’s call, PITB developed a crime mapping software in order to help the law enforcement agencies throughout Punjab by maintaining their valuable information at one place.

The Concept

The software aims at assisting the law enforcement departments in reducing crime through a better-informed society. In other words, creating more self-reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts and has proven effective in combating crime. Crime data is extracted on regular basis from each department's record system so that the information being viewed online is the most current available. The law enforcement agencies in Lahore are currently using the software for their intelligence led policing needs.

The Mechanism

The software is assisting the police to record daily crimes on their online repository through their mobile phones. The officer and/or the witness record the crime through their mobile phone from the place of incident with a picture, location on the Google Map along with date of incident and the sections of law applicable. Daily reporting on the software creates crime patterns across Lahore identifying the crime pockets, the high time of increased crime rate and the areas that are hotspots. Further, the online data warehouse has not only enabled the investigation teams to nab down the culprits involved but police has also been able to improve their traditional techniques and strategies to protect the citizens from various street crimes. Thus, the crime mapping software has benefited in monitoring and eliminating the growth of overall crime to a great extent. Moreover, by creating an online data warehouse, the software team has reduced the corruption and stigmatization of the law enforcement agencies in Lahore. In order to make the app more user friendly and keeping in mind the fact that the users from Police Stations have problems dealing with applications in English, this android based application has been specially designed in Urdu so that the user can interact easily and fill the details quickly without producing generic errors based on less understanding of English menus and categories.



Focal Person(s):     Waqas Ahmad
Sohail Abdullah
Manager:  Burhan Rasool