Cloud Computing Summit

PITB in collaboration with Deltatech organized "Cloud Computing Summit 2013" to raise awareness about the possibilities and benefits of Cloud Computing. View Pictures
Date: April 16, 2013
Time: 9:00am - 2:30pm
Venue: 3rd Floor Auditorium, Arfa Software Technology Park, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.

Key Objectives

The Cloud Summit 2013, a premier event brought together relevant industry stakeholders from the industry, enterprises, government, academia and regulatory bodies to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Raise awareness of cloud computing as a business model
  • Examine global and regional trends in cloud computing
  • Understand advantages and challenges of cloud adoption
  • Share successful case studies on cloud adoption in Pakistan
  • Suggest measures to accelerate cloud adoption in Pakistan


"Cloud computing is rapidly coming of age. While it is rapidly being adopted in the western world, there are still many questions about cloud computing that need to be answered and/or addressed, especially when adopting the paradigm in our part of the world. The Cloud Computing Summit 2013 was an important event in helping to disseminate information about this significant development and proved extremely helpful in enlightening the audience. I hope more such events will be organized on a regular basis."
Dr. Naveed Malik - Founding Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan
"It was a pleasure to participate in the Cloud Computing Summit 2013 (CCS 2013), Organized by Delta Tech and PITB.  I am particularly impressed by the presenters, the content and the scope covered.  The quality of speakers and the topics selected exposed a broad spectrum of Cloud Computing to the audience. It was informative and instructive for me and judging from the reactions and questions of the attendees, the CCS 2013 achieved the stated objective….”
Saleem Rafik - DG Operations, NADRA Technologies

"As a researcher, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with experts and practitioners from both the private and the public sector to gauge how they are employing tools and infrastructure in the real-world,  that are being developed in the lab by my fellow researchers and scientists."
Zubair Nabi - Faculty Member ITU

"Cloud Computing Summit 2013 was a perfect event to talk about trends in cloud computing and the essential building blocks to realize the transformative power of the cloud... I’m positive that the  Senior-level business leaders from public and private enterprises who attended the conference, have learnt about  the vision, strategy and features of the cloud computing."

Nadeem A. Malik - Director, Huawei Enterprise Business Group