Electronic FIR

Tracking progress of investigation against each FIR at all levels of leadership, in terms of recovery and arrest had been a huge challenge in a paper based environment. From FIR registration to culprit/ suspect nomination, investigation, case proceedings and closures etc it all required a lot of manual and tedious work. Further, retrieval of FIR details when required was also strenuous and time consuming procedure. The manual work and repository made it difficult to monitor and track specific FIRs and/or crimes. All 25 registers maintained by each Police Station included pile of manual forms for crime reports, FIRs, Zimnis etc. The entire FIR registration and tracking process along with other 24 record keeping registers have been automated. It covers full life cycle of FIR including registration, nomination of culprits, recoveries, arrests, case files, court proceedings and case closure etc. The system generates electronic copies of FIR as well as reports required at all levels of Punjab Police leadership (from SHO to IG). It is integrated with NADRA, Police Human Resource Management Information System, Anti Vehicle Lifting System etc which ensures data integrity across all systems and speeds up the data entry process. The system has transformed traditional methods and established a new regime of modern policing. The programme is operational in all 714 police stations across Punjab. It has eliminated registration of fake FIRs and also improved police efficiency by replacing the manual work. All FIRs with their progress details are a few clicks away from police authorities. PITB and Punjab Police have also replicated this this application for Sindh Police. Governments of GilgitBaltistan and Balochistan have also requested installation of the same software.  Since its launch across Punjab in March 2017, 878,000 FIRs were registered. This points to the receptivity and adaptability of this system in comparison with 311,895 FIRs in 2016.