Environment Protection CMS

Environment Protection Department, Punjab was established to eradicate the rapidly increasing problem of environmental degradation. Protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment is needed. For this purpose, Environment Protection Department created Environment Protection Agency (EPA) which is also responsible for the prevention and control of pollution and promotion of sustainable development in the province.

IT Initiative

Punjab Information Technology Board has designed an effective system for the assistance of EPA for recording and processing of complaints and take further necessary actions to deliver the services and take steps to eradicate the problems of pollution recorded.
All the complaints lodged by the citizens through applications are recorded in this Complaint Management System.  For the testing of different materials affecting the environment, different labs are operating under EPD and their results are also recorded in this system. Apart from recording complaints, to setup new factory or business which can affect the environment in any way is bound to take approval from the EPD. Details of the business and all credentials are recorded in the same management system.


Complaints lodged are categorized according to the industry and pollution type, district name along with the violation type under different laws is defined. Furthermore, status of the complaint, whom to complaint will be sent is also selected within the system. This information system provides summary of reports to the users of EPA in graphical representation under different categories i.e. district wise, year wise, violation type etc. After the lab testing of materials taken from different areas or districts which are thought to be affecting the environment, further necessary actions are taken. Either the case is discarded depending n the results or the case is further processed. Documents related to the complaints are recorded in the system and complaint is further transferred to different levels of hearing of case at district level or at courts.
Mapping is also done in the system showing the areas where brick kilns are present in Pakistan to conserve the environment and protect citizens from pollution.

Project Improvement

Previously, Complaint Management System was designed to record the complaints registered but further improvements are being made and now the complaints recorded can be searched, edited, saved and there is a unique feature of advance search added to the system. Further improvements and advancements are being made to the system.

Project Highlights

  • Recording of complaints
  • Different types of reports on basis of districts, violations, industry and pollution type
  • Recording of Lab tests results
  • Mapping of bricks kilns
  • Recording of credentials for the approval of new business
  • Record of all complaints lodged at one glance
  • Record of current complaints
  • Summary of reports under different categories

Current Standing

  • Total Requests for Approvals  - 560
  • Total Lab Tests Performed     - 15,185