National Highway and Motorway Police Ticketing System

Replacing the conventional paper-based and manual ticketing system for traffic law violations, PITB has developed an e-ticketing system across Pakistan for all highways and motorways. It enables patrolling personnel to issue tickets to commuters on the spot, verify vehicle registration, license information and maintain a retrievable and geo-tagged record of rules violations. Under this project, PITB has successfully completed geofencing of highways and motorways across Pakistan. Moreover, for better evaluation of services, this system provides details of the nature of help provided to commuters ranging from a mechanical fault to a flat tyre. A sms-based feedback system provides an effective way to evaluate the quality of services. In addition, the system automatically updates location of patrolling personnel after every three minutes. It ensures that officers do not stay at one place for a period of more than 30 minutes. 

Simultaneously, an accidents tracking system under this project enables better monitoring of accidents on highways or motorways. The e-ticketing system has significantly improved overall performance of the department. It has enabled effective monitoring by providing a complete report about officers including the amount of fines collected and the number of beats visited. More than 8,679,282 e-tickets have been issued using the system across the country.