Health Watch

The Health Watch programme was launched in 2014 across Punjab with collaboration of the PITB. The purpose of the programme was to monitor the quality of health services extended to citizens of the province at all kind of health facilities. Over 3,000 health facilities across the Punjab are monitored by 210 health officers including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Health, District Officer Health (DOH), and Deputy District Officer Health (DDOH). The three major indicators being monitored through this programme are:

  • Attendance of the staff
  • Availability of Medicines / Stock-outs
  • Review of the overall health facility condition / highlight non-functional equipment

Under this e-monitoring initiative, 210 android phones and SIMs with internet facilities were provided to the district health managers (DHMs). These DHMs follow pre-assigned monthly targets for visiting healthcare facilities in their respective jurisdictions. The DHMs submit their inspection data through the Health Watch application developed by the PITB. The data submitted through the application automatically pops-up on a map using GPS in real-time. Multiple other reports are available on a web-based dashboard for departmental review and decision-making. The Health Watch programme has delivered exceptional results till now.

  • The dashboard has received more than 110,000 entries from the field managers
  • Staff attendance has improved from 22% to over 90% within a year

The Health Watch programme aims at empowering public health sector managers at district level by providing them timely, authentic and well-tabulated information on the status of health facilities in terms of human resources, medicines, equipment availability/functionality and utilization of facilities. Data shown on the dashboard is used for formulating and devising strategies by the relevant departments. The consolidated data gathered through Health Watch is presented monthly in a departmental meeting chaired by the provincial health minister and Primary and Secondary Health secretary.