Hospital Watch

Acquisition to health facilities is a basic human right yet millions of Pakistanis are denied of this necessity owing to the sheer lack of monitoring and adequate check and balance on the working efficacy of the hospitals and the staff. Government hospitals have been discredited as poor, pathetic and wrecked.

Majority of the population both, rural and poor is unable to afford private healthcare. While most of the populace relies on the country’s overstretched and underfunded public health system; it continues to pose a grave threat to the health of the patients.

In the midst of the obvious issues stated thereof; the insufficient equipment, inadequate facilitates, non-performance of the doctors, poor staff management and patient’s response at the hospitals go unaccounted for.


In order to address the growing dissatisfaction with the existing health services and the demand for better healthcare, a mobile application ‘HospitalWatch’, is developed by PITB. It offers a framework for monitoring Emergencies, PAEDs, OB/GYN wards in 21 District Head Quarters (DHQs) and 101 Tehsil Head Quarters (THQs) across Punjab.

The HospitalWatch application aims at providing quality healthcare to the citizens of the province. Frequent surprise visits are also made to hospitals as a supportive measure to keep a close check on facilities and services rendered to the patients. Performance against every parameter involved is documented.


Prime users of this application are District Coordination Officers (DCOs), Executive District Officers Health (EDOHs), Assistant Commissioners (ACs), Director General (DG) Office (Health), Medical Superintendents (MS) and the Members of Provisional Assembly (MPAs). The MS, however, has to use the application at least twice a day for at least 20 days in a calendar month. Whereas, EDOH has to visit each health facility in a relevant district at least once per month.

Android-Based Application

Based on android platform, HospitalWatch mobile application has been installed on official’s smartphones.

Real-Time Data

The data submitted by users through HospitalWatch application will be recorded in real-time on the dashboard and automatically analyzed for use by managers at various levels.


Home Screen


The reports can be conveniently submitted through the application as follows:

  • Fill in the required fields in the forms in HospitalWatch android based application
  • Submit the reports

An internet connection is, however, necessary for report submission. In case an internet connection is not readily available, the task and data will be saved in the ‘unsent’ box and could be sent simultaneously as the connection retrieves.

  Application Screen  


In collaboration with Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) and Special Monitoring Unit (SMU), the training sessions regarding the application usage were conducted by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).


  • Compliance of relevant/ responsible officers
  • Real-time data pertaining to attendance, medication, utilities and patient’s perception
  • Timely reports and responsiveness of the officers can be used as a yardstick to gauge performance for evaluation and promotion
  • It is expected that the information gathered through the application will become a powerful tool for the management of district, tehsil and central level officials
PEADs Activity Map Activity Detail


Current Standing

The application was launched on April 15, 2015 across Punjab and enjoys the status of:

  • 51,699 plus activities till December 03, 2015
  • Average activities received per day (223)