Hotel Eye


Previously, there was no real-time monitoring mechanism to keep track of visitors at hotels. The Punjab Police had made it mandatory for hotels to submit data of visitors and the hotels would send weekly paperbased reports to police stations. The process was time-consuming and lacked accuracy. It became a challenge for police to trace suspected criminals hiding in hotels. PITB developed a web-application to log check-ins/ check-outs at hotels. It saves data of Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) and personal details of visitors.

This system is integrated with NADRA, PSRMS and CRO. If someone with a criminal record checks in, a notification is sent to the police and appropriate action can be taken in this regard. In October 2016, the government of the Punjab made it mandatory for hotels to use the system to log guest details. Hotel Eye has helped police arrest more than 70 criminals so far. Making the Hotel Eye Software a permanent feature of the security process, the police have linked nearly 600 hotels using this application. As many as 1,260,591 check-ins have been registered across the province and 5,723 criminal record holders were traced.