Make-n-Tell Hardware Meetup

For the very first time a meetup for Hardware enthusiasts was arranged by Make-i-stan in collaboration with TechHub Connect! Make-i-stan is a makerspace for everyone. It aims to become an open space for everyone, to foster a diverse network of local innovators who build technology based products and businesses that improve the lives of community members. This was Make-i-stan's first meetup which turned out to be a great success. Audience from the academia, startup community, techies and hardware hobbyists and enthusiasts attended the session. Two speakers presented demos of their products. The first speaker was Umer Shahzad, the founder of Mechasafe. MechaSafe is a company that provides safety enhancements solution for the chaff cutting machines. Umer not only spoke about his product but gave a demo of it as well. Next came Zia Imran, the founder of Jul Bhuj. His product is a literal plug and play solution, it aims to improve the efficiency of water heaters to save both gas and money for consumers. It does that by making the thermostat intelligent. TechHub Connect is the hub of meetups for all kinds technology related initiatives. We aim to facilitate and promote innovation and foster networking of like minded people for brilliance to surface.