Online College Admission System

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students apply for admissions to public colleges across Punjab. For these students, the process is costly and time-consuming. For colleges, it’s all about long queues, unpredictable workloads and a host of complaints. The Higher Education Department worked with PITB to implement a standardised admission application mechanism that is simple, convenient, and cost effective.

The Online College Admissions System (OCAS) is designed to:

  • Reduce the number of physical visits of students and parents to colleges, as admissions get underway
  • Keep the admissions process simple, convenient and transparent
  • Considerably reduce the application compilation and merit list preparation time

Nearly 1 million admissions applications have been processed via OCAS in recent years. Key features include:

  • 24/7 availability. One can apply from any place with internet access by logging online
  • Nominal application fee (Rs 25 per programme), paid via a network of bank branches across the country
  • Admissions application tracking via OCAS website
  • Integration with BISE results, minimizing data entry and reducing errors
  • Dedicated helpline and online help guides to facilitate students

Several colleges now mandate that students apply online, even if that means providing computer lab facility during admissions – since it saves them the hassle of manual data-entry and report tabulation. There are plans to upgrade OCAS and to integrate it with mobile payment platforms – to further streamline the application fee payment process. OCAS could also be enhanced to facilitate BA/BS admissions at colleges.