PlanX AMA with Omar Ali Khan

PlanX conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Live session with Omar Ali Khan who is the Executive Director of Operations at Gloria Jeans Coffees Pakistan.

The session started off with a brief overview of Omar Ali Khans journey as member of Gloria Jeans from the very roots of the business in Australia. He elaborated as to how his day to day job consists of diverse activities ranging from looking over the minute details to the overall management of operations like that of Marketing, HR etc. Omar believes that Gloria Jeans as a brand represents a certain type of lifestyle for its consumers.

Striking a contrast between responsibilities of a startup executive director to that of a business executive director, Omar says that the responsibilities remain more or less the same for both however, for startup directors it’s comparatively a more complex and complicated process. Omar believes that for startups it is utmost important to keep hold of the dream and their goal and to work towards achieving this dream.

Event Details

June 7, 2017
1 PM to 2 PM