Real-time Monitoring of Public Schools Across Punjab

In 2014, the School Education Department collaborated with PITB to equip monitoring officers with SIM-enabled tablets to help them submit visit forms online. Over 1.3 million visits have been processed via the tablet based system. Data is collected on teacher presence, student enrolment, attendance and availability of safe drinking water, electricity and toilets. Free public access to data is available. Website visitors can navigate their way down to actual forms submitted by MEAs, subscribe for auto-alerts and even challenge the data reported.


The Traditional Method The Transformation
  • Paper-forms filled for each school visit
  • Back-office data entry involving several layers of officials in the field as well as Center
  • Data tabulation and analysis done in Excel, which would take several weeks to complete
  • Concerns regarding data quality – no way to be certain if forms were filled on site. Identification of errors and those responsible for it was a constant challenge
  • Tablet-based mobile app to record each school visit
  • Improved speed and quality of data-collection – due  to pre-populated fields and built-in validation
  • Geo-tagged pictorial evidence of each visit –  identifying visit location, date, time, and MEA.
  • Timely escalation via automatic SMS alerts to education officials - listing schools with below target performance
  • Improved officer accountability and compliance to assigned schedules

Smart Monitoring of Schools