TechHub – Co-Working Space

Who We Are?

TechHub Connect is a project of Punjab Information Technology Board. We are Pakistan’s first coworking space for freelancers. We also act as the bridge between industry, academia and the government by assisting the formation of fruitful partnerships and collaborations among and within these organisations.

Things We Do


Coworking Space

We run Pakistan’s finest coworking space for freelancers. Through our coworking space, we are building a community for teleworkers to share resources and grow together. Till date, we have housed more than 500 top-rated freelancers from across Pakistan. Data collected suggests that  being a part of our space not only enables them to enhance their productivity but TechHub Connect also acts as a stepping stone for people who want to grow from freelancers to startups/companies or merge into existing startups. Read More


Punjab IT Policy

TechHub Connect has been entrusted with the task of formulation the Punjab IT Policy 2016. As part of this mandate, regular focus groups and stakeholder meetings are organized to bring all relevant stakeholders on board and ensure an inclusive policy-agenda. PITB also acts as a liaison between the industry, academia and the government by bringing them on a common platform and facilitating reforms. The first draft of the policy document has been placed online for public consultation as well. Read More


Celebrating IT Heroes

These are progressive times as projections indicate exponential growth in overall technology revenues. Existing IT firms have worked hard to make a solid baseline. Recent upspring of Technology startups is attracting youth to this domain. Moreover, the IT industry has become a more diversified field with the addition of startups, freelancers, big data analytics firms etc. We celebrate successful ventures and individuals, and provide you the opportunity to learn from their journey. Read More


Foreelancing Workshops

TechHub Connect hosts Pakistan’s top rated freelancers. As part of giving back to the community, they have decided to share their knowledge. Together, we hold workshops for people who want to take up freelancing as a career. Till date, more than 100 graduates have passed through these trainings, with almost 80% still actively involved in freelancing as a full-time or part-time profession. Read More



Connect is an online portal building a community where established IT firms are able to brand themselves as employers that our talented generation aspires to work for. Students can see the latest industry trends to better hone their skill for contemporary and future industry needs. Till now the role of academia has largely been left out of the equation. Connect enables professors to build their profiles and the industry can get their research work done by them. Students can also receive virtual recommendations, which make it easier to apply for jobs. Read More

Who Can Benefits From Us?

  • Freelancers Working alone doesn’t mean that you have to be by yourself. Come join us and become a part of an influential community of designers, developers, content writers, independent contractors, preachers and moonlighters.
  • Professor Enable the IT industry by sharing your academic expertise and latest findings. See how your research adds value to our economy. Connecting with the industry will also give you a better insight to what is in demand.
  • Industry Launch products, connect with academia, and let us celebrate your success. Our mandate is to highlight your journey thus far. We also help you by making strong international linkages.
  • Students Get to know about what is latest in the IT industry. Get advice when choosing Final year projects or learn tricks into getting into the IT firms. Learn freelancing through our Foreelancing workshops or apply for jobs through our Connect Portal.
  • Seeking Employment Apply to best IT firms and startups through our portal or learn freelancing through our Foreelancing Workshops.


Focal Person: Sarah Tariq Gilani
Manager: Nabeel A. Qadeer