Tenant Registration System

Although records of house and landowners existed, there was no comprehensive database to keep track of tenants renting spaces in Lahore. According to the law, it is mandatory for tenants and owners of houses to register at police stations when signing contracts. This used to be a manual process and records could not be retrieved easily. There was no automated method to ascertain identity of tenants. The PITB has developed a web-based application to register and monitor tenants who rent houses. Assistants at police stations use this system at front desks to register owners and tenants. The data is integrated with the Criminal Record Office (CRO) and the Police Station Record Management System (PSRMS) and if a tenant with criminal record rents a house, a notification is sent to police officials who are able take action if required.

The database built using this software is useful for police to search records of particular individuals or specific areas. A mobile app was also developed for initial registration of tenants. The project is operational across the Punjab. It has provided police a comprehensive record of temporary residents in their respective jurisdictions. Law enforcement agencies are better equipped to handle breakdown of law and order through this application. In October 2016, a suspect with more than 30 criminal cases was residing in Faisalabad and was found through the PITB’s Tenants Registration System. Across the Punjab, 637,635 tenants were registered since the project was rolled out and 7,532 criminal record holders were traced.