PITB achieves new milestone in education sector - Aspiring to do more

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The students of Punjab have now been facilitated by the Government of Punjab through electronic books. This initiative will not only make it easy for students to access knowledge but also helps them assimilate it better. Is an electronic book really so different from a conventional book? Yes, it does help bridge the logistical issues students have while accessing books, but PITB has taken it a step further by incorporating interactive simulations, audio recording of the book and making these books bilingual.

This project, ‘eLearn’ was inaugurated by the CM on January 6th, 2014. A repository of 8 digital books of grade 9th and 10th was published online. The subjects covered were Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. Parallel uploading is now under action with the development of more chapters. The project although initiated with science subjects, is quickly moving towards humanities. Keeping immediate action to aid the students in mind, humanities were not made the initial focus of the project because quality resources are not already available and have to be developed from scratch.

The program is focused on developing electronic content with excellence, promoting it and making it available online. It is also centred on training individuals to better operate this program to utilize it better on a larger scale such as in schools etc.

The Government of Punjab undertook this initiative to make knowledge and books widespread. Interesting games have also been developed that can be used as a tool to impart knowledge by being interactive in nature without boring its audience. A special favourite is a frog dissection simulation in which the student can use tools to operate on the body of the frog while simultaneously learning interesting facts about various species of frogs.

PITB understands the importance of education and how this top of the line education is for a new generation that possesses ideology and skill set. Hence, the only thing needed to fuel the student body to get the optimum output from them is to make information and resources as readily available as possible. PITB will continue to venture forward with similar initiatives.