Sep 09, 2015
PITB achieves new milestone in education sector - Aspiring to do more
The students of Punjab have now been facilitated by the Government of Punjab through electronic books. This initiative will not only make it easy for students to access knowledge but also helps them assimilate it better. Is...
 Aug 05, 2015
The journey of automating the Lahore high court hits its final stage!
Initiatives to entirely automate the already well facilitated courts within Punjab are in their final stages!...
 Jul 15, 2015
Increased Transparency in the Education Sector through Open Data

Have we all not wondered what is happening at the back end of each project that we witness? PITB has provided a solution! The Government of Punjab has taken the initiative to make the data obtained through monitoring easily...

 Jul 09, 2015
PITB continues to venture further, facilitating the Pakistani youth

Punjab Information Technology Board continues to facilitate the youth with a vital and time-relevant platform through 2015. Nearly 50,000 graduates benefited from the Punjab Youth Internship Program that was...

 Jun 09, 2015
TRENDING: PITB Video Conference System

Video Conferencing has existed globally for quite a considerable time now, and the Punjab government isn’t far from implementing this technology and adopting trends to upgrade its working system. Punjab Information...

 May 20, 2015
Flood Monitoring via m-Governance
One of the most disastrous catastrophes in the world is the floods of Pakistan. This isn’t merely due to lack of facility or human resource, but due to the complicated geography of the country. In its journal printed in...
 May 14, 2015
Get Informed About Things Reformed
People are always keen to know, explore and learn things that they are unfamiliar with, we call it “human nature”. Everyone has the right to information through transparency.
 May 14, 2015
Transparency and Expediency: Hand in Hand
Previous methods and techniques used for Hajj registration system were manual, time consuming and at times biased.
 May 08, 2015
Supervising Schools in a Smart Way
Supervising schools has been quite a drill for government education officers and teachers. For the past 67 years, teachers and MEAs of public school had to manually fill in the paper forms consisting of at least 250 fields....
 Mar 05, 2015
Centralized Driving License Issuance and Management System in Punjab

PITB recently introduces the Centralized Driving License Issuance and Management System all over Punjab. Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) automates the processes for driving license issuance, renewal and...

 Mar 03, 2015
Transformations towards Knowledge Economy in Punjab…
It is always more convenient for a doctor to prescribe an accurate prescription after he is provided with the results of diagnostic tests. Why these diagnostic tests are so important? What do they actually contribute to the...
 Mar 02, 2015
Infrastructure Development around the New Growth Vents

Millions move from one place to the other each day using public roads, millions visit hospitals where the medical staff treats them; millions go to schools, colleges, and universities to get education. Millions connect with...

 Feb 20, 2015
Smart Phones/ Tablets, New era of Technology!

Technology has been widely dispersed on different forms of Communication. Modernization in community leading us towards the best use of technological innovations. It has become easy for new generation to learn about technology due to various Technological...

 Feb 15, 2015
Accelerating the Government Business in Punjab
Being the largest province of Pakistan, Punjab is a house to a population of more than 100million with 9 divisions and 36 districts. To manage such a large number of people is an extremely challenging task. The farthest city of the province is 1000km...
 Feb 14, 2015
Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program – Reviving Democracy in Pakistan
What does democracy stands for? Is it about the elections held every five years? Is it about a parliament of a few hundreds taking decisions for millions? Is it about bureaucracy which is not answerable to anyone? I doubt the idea.