People are always keen to know, explore and learn things that they are unfamiliar with, we call it “human nature”. Everyone


The students of Punjab have now been facilitated by the Government of Punjab through electronic books. This initiative will not


Initiatives to entirely automate the already well facilitated courts within Punjab are in their final stages! Various projects


Have we all not wondered what is happening at the back end of each project that we witness? PITB has provided a solution! The


Punjab Information Technology Board continues to facilitate the youth with a vital and time-relevant platform through 2015.


It is always more convenient for a doctor to prescribe an accurate prescription after he is provided with the results of


Video Conferencing has existed globally for quite a considerable time now, and the Punjab government isn’t far from


One of the most disastrous catastrophes in the world is the floods of Pakistan. This isn’t merely due to lack of facility or


Previous methods and techniques used for Hajj registration system were manual, time consuming and at times biased. In


Supervising schools has been quite a drill for government education officers and teachers. For the past 67 years, teachers