Punjab Youth Internship Program

Punjab Youth Internship Program, a massive project launched in 2012 by Punjab Information Technology Board under the parasol of Government of the Punjab, has been specifically designed to inculcate creative and professional skills (like communication/ interpersonal skills, computer proficiency and team work) within youth of the province; thus increasing the work force of Punjab by providing better employment opportunities.

Moreover, the program focuses at working as a catalyst to bring about change in the typical mindset of the employee and employer by providing them a hands-on experience and this has further proved to be extremely beneficial for the under privileged who lacked references and connections in the job market.

Services Delivered

PYIP has been molded in a way that it shall not only benefit the youth but it shall also provide industry support to the province by producing skilled labor force.

PYIP 2012-2013

The first phase of Punjab Youth Internship Program was launched in 2012 under the supervision of Chief Minister of the Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. In the very first stage approximately 20,000 students and new graduates were entertained through the internship program where 50% interns were appointed in public sector and 50% in private sector based on their academic qualification.

PYIP 2013-2014

The project was re-launched in 2013 after its huge success the previous year. In the second phase PITB made a few modifications keeping in view the changing market trends and necessities. Previously, the internship ran for a span of 3 months with a stipend of PKR. 10,000; in the second phase the duration and stipend were increased to 6 months and PKR. 12,000 respectively. Further, the program appointed approximately 20,000 interns of which 80% interns were placed in private sector and remaining 20% interns in public sector; keeping in mind the market requirements.